French photographer and director Pierre David is known for his delicate yet powerful style that evolved from living a life full of fierce emotions and experiences. Having been part of the underground art and music scene of New York City and Paris for many years, Pierre started his career by shooting nightlife, bands, and conceptual work. A lunar world destined for people who never yawn and that are mad to live. As much as he loved the eclectic life of the city, he also had always been deeply rooted in the countercultures of surfing and skateboarding. At the age of 25, Pierre became senior photographer/filmmaker as well as marketing director at Desillusion Magazine, a sophisticated publication paying tribute to the beach and the streets. Traveling the world and hanging out with the best of both spheres, his profound images of the leading iconoclasts soon became icons themselves.

Throughout the recent years, Pierre has gained himself a reputation as an independent fashion and lifestyle photographer and director. At the same time, he is also part of a film director duo, formed in 2016 with French film director Douglas Guillot. Based in Paris and Hossegor, Pierre’s work can be best described as somber and symbolic yet solar and sensitive at the same time. To him, photography and filmmaking are two different states of mind. While his pictures are clean, minimalist statements, his films open up a whole different perspective. Slow-moving pictures that create high feelings and deep moods, that give rise to a state of contemplation, that make you realize the beauty of the moment. And it’s this unique moment that matters. Being in the zone. A feeling that Pierre David is constantly searching for in the ocean, his sanctuary.

Who is Pierre David - French photographer